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Anand Teltumbde Biography

Anand Teltumbde is a writer, columnist, educationist, civil rights activist, and political analyst. He has authored too many books which are translated widely in most of the Indian languages.

Most of his books are related to various issues relating to contemporary Peoples’ movement with particular emphasis on Left and Dalits and is a noted scholar on the subject.

Despite book writing he hass been regular contributor to magazines like Outlook India, Tehelka, Mainstream, Seminar, Frontier, and Economic & Political Weekly in which he writes a regular column ‘Margin Speak’.

Anand Teltumbde Biography

Full Name
Anand Teltumbde
Profession Writer and Activist
Born Rajur, Yavatmal district, Maharashtra, India
Nationality Indian
Education Bachelor of Engineering
College Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology

Anand Teltumbde Education

His primary education was completed in a village school, there he studied up to seventh standard. For secondary education he got admitted into the Government High School, Wani, and studied up to tenth.

Shifted to the Institute of Science and studied Pre-University. Enrolled in Visvesvaraya Regional College of Engineering (now Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology) where from he did his Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical).

Anand Teltumbde Career

As a young Mechanical Engineer he has worked at Indian Oil Corporation at its Barauni Oil Refinery. Thereafter, he started working in Haldia Refinery Project as Project Engineer and then in Salaya-Mathura Pipeline Project in various aspects of pipeline engineering and project management, viz, Design, Project Planning, Execution and Spread Management. He introduced many a project management method in pipeline construction.

As a pipeline Engineer he gained expertise in various fields and wrote articles/papers on interference currents in design of the cathodic protection system, rationalization of the then HMR Pipeline, Leak detection with Isotopes, etc. which were published in various journals and industry magazines.

Anand Teltumbde Books

  • Radical in Ambedkar (Ed) (Penguin Random House, New Delhi, 2018)
  • Republic of Caste: Thinking of Equality in the Era of neoliberalism and
  • Hindutva(Navayana, New Delhi, 2018)
  • Dalits: Past, Present and Future, (Routledge, London and New York, 2017)
  • Introduction to B R Ambedkar’s India and communism (Left Word, New Delhi, 2016)
  • Mahad: The Making of the First Dalit Revolt, (Aakar, New Delhi, 2015)
  • Marx and Ambedkar: Perspectives of Human Emancipation, (Centre for Scientific Socialism, Nagarjunnagar, 2013)
  • Persistence of Caste (Zed Books, London, 2010)
  • Janwadi Samaj aur Jati ka Unmoolan, (Aadhar, Faridabad, 2012)
  • On Imperialism and Caste, (Marathwada University, Aurangabad. 2009)
  • Globalization and Dalits: Perspectives of Buddhist Economics, (Srujan, Mumbai. 2009)
  • Samrajyavadvirodh ani Jaativinash (Marathi), (Sugawa, Pune. 2009)
  • Khairlanji: A Strange and Bitter Crop (Navayana, Delhi. 2008)
  • Ekavisavya Shatakatil Bharat: Unmad ani Awhane (Marathi), (Lokwangmay Gruh, Mumbai. 2008)
  • Natural Resource Policies of the Government of Maharashtra: An Analytical Review (NCAS, Pune, 2007)
  • Satta, samajaur Dalit (GranthShilpi, Delhi, 2006)
  • Scripting the Change (Ed) (Danish, Delhi, 2011)
  • Ambedkar aur Dalit Aandolan (GranthShilpi, Delhi, 2006)
  • Samrajyavadvirodh aur Jati Unmu(GranthShilpi, Delhi, 2005)
  • Samajik Nyay ani Jagtikikaran, (LokWangmay Gruh, Mumbai), 2007
  • Anti-Imperialism and Annihilation of Castes (Ramai, Mumbai. 2005)
  • Hindutva and Dalits: Perspectives for Understanding Communal Praxis, (Ed) (Samya, Kolkata. 2005)
  • Ambedkar and Muslims: Myths and Facts (VAK, Mumbai. 2003)
  • Jagatilikaran ani Kashtakari Dalit-Bahujan, (Dignag, Pune. 2002)
  • Glabalization and Dalits, (Sanket, Nagpur. 2001)
  • Capitalism and Caste (monograph, Pune University)
  • ‘Ambedkar’ in and for the Post-Ambedkar Dalit Movement, (Sugawa, Pune), 1997



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