World Sauntering Day 2018, History of Sauntering Day


World Sauntering Day is celebrated on June 19 every year. The purpose is to remind people to slow down and enjoy life as opposed to rushing through it. It is also sometimes referred to as International Sauntering Day.

World Sauntering Day 2018


I think I like the idea of International Sauntering Day for more than a few reasons. One point is simply the word, “sauntering”. It’s fun to investigate the etymology of arcane words that modern people rarely use in conversation. The word, in its present form, intuitively appears older than it actually is.

History of World Sauntering Day

This holiday was formed by W.T. Rabe in 1979 as a response to the sworn enemy of the Saunter, jogging. Jogging is a grueling attack on movement, with rapidity and effort being the purpose at hand, and all joy being drained from getting around by making each step as painful as possible. Perhaps we’re biased, but we believe the saunter to be the unquestionably superior alternative. Sauntering doesn’t just mean walking, it means walking as though the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders. It means being free from stress and strain, and instead focusing on the pure joy of walking. In fact, Sauntering specifically implies that you will be moving in a joyful manner.


International Sauntering Day


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